Missing People Cycle Challenge 2016 – June 18th – 22nd 2016

Every year ukPRINTonline staff provide mechanical and logistical support assistance on the Missing People Cycle Challenge, a 500-mile, 5-day bike ride from Edinburgh to London.

Organised by Charity and Corporate cycle event specialists Ride2Raise – who have helped charities raise over £400,000 since 2011 – the Missing People Cycle Challenge is in its fifth year in 2016, having raised many tens of thousands of pounds since the first ride in 2012.

At times the Missing People Cycle Challenge is brutally challenging for the riders, who are, in the main, not experienced ‘hardcore’ athletes but often recreational cyclists used to a daily commute of, perhaps, 10 miles or so. The event can be the catalyst for participants to expand their cycling and fundraising involvement, with several riders now regular Ironman and Triathlon entrants or organisers of their own charity challenges.

This diary of the first ever Missing People Cycle Challenge gives a good idea of the challenge facing the riders.

For the first time, in 2016 we are providing a tracking service, to allow friends, families and other interested parties to follow the progress of the ride, and to see where we are at any time.

You can follow the progress of the 2016 Missing People Cycle Challenge on the map below from June 18th. While it is not absolutely ‘real time’, our position will be updated every few minutes so should be acccurate to within a few miles. You can also follow our progress on the Ride2Raise Twitter account HERE.




Tracking for this ride is provided by: